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Edward Nygma, also known as the Riddler, undoubtedly has the highest IQ of all Batman's foes. Cold, aloof, and possessed of a steely wit, the Riddler challenges Batman to a duel of wits by leaving a trail of riddles, puzzles and cryptograms. In fact, he is psychologically incapable of committing any crime without offering a clue as to how he can be caught. Unfortunately for the Riddler, he has met his match in Batman who's been able to decipher even his cleverest conundrums.
1. a problem or puzzle in the form of a question, statement, etc. so formulated that some ingenuity is required to solve or answer it; conundrum
2. any puzzling, perplexing, or apparently inexplicable person or thing, as a difficult problem or enigmatic saying; enigma
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