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Rich, glamorous and stunningly beautiful, Selina Kyle is a former socialite who became the notorious burglar called the Catwoman. Lured by the thrill of the hunt, she steals rare and beautiful objects with feline names or designs. Catwoman also enjoys a special bond with real cats, and all felines, tame or wild, instinctively trust her. With her catlike reflexes and cat-o-nine-tails, she is a formidable opponent who is nearly a match for Batman. Realizing Batman now has a team of allies, Catwoman assembles a female feline gang of her own to bedevil them.
any of a family of domesticated carnivores characterized by a lithe [flexible] body and, in all species but the cheetah, retractile claws (in the same family as the lion, the tiger, and the cougar)
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