Riddle #1
What force and strength cannot get through I, with a gentle touch, can do. Many there are in the twisted halls Were I not, as a friend, at hand.

Riddle #2
The man who built it doesn't want it. The man who bought it doesn't need it. The man who used it doesn't know it.

Riddle #3
What walks with four legs in the morning, Two legs in the afternoon, and Three legs in the evening?

Riddle #4
A clothier named Bob has received an order to make five dresses, all with the same pattern. Bob has three designs of embroidered cloth laying on a table in his workroom. Bob tells his apprentice to fetch five pieces of cloth with the same embroidered pattern. The lazy apprentice doesn't bother looking through the piles of cloth and just takes an armful. Discounting pure luck, how many pieces of cloth would the apprentice have to grab to ensure that Bob could make five dresses with the same pattern?

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